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Boarding Requirements

Protecting the health of your pet and others.

In order to protect the health of your pet and ensure the health of other hospitalized or boarding pets, we require that the following vaccines be current:


  • DHP-Parvo
  • Rabies
  • Intratrac or Bordatella


  • FeLV (recommended, if outdoor cat with exposure risk)
  • Rabies

In addition, we require that you have your pet examined by an Agoura Animal Clinic veterinarian within 12 months time of the boarding if your pet is less than 7 years of age or within 6 months time of the boarding if your pet is 7 years of age or greater. This precaution is also to ensure as healthy and as pleasant a stay as possible for your pet and all other hospitalized or boarding animals. The majority of clients who board their pets with Agoura Animal Clinic use this time to catch up on overdue or needed yearly physical examinations, vaccinations, dental prophylaxis, elective surgical procedures, etc. If you, also, should wish to use your pet's boarding time for this purpose, please inform an Agoura Animal Clinic staff member at the time you drop off your pet or, preferably, at the time you make your boarding reservation.

A number of our clients wish to have their pets enjoy some extra “one-on-one” time during their boarding stay. If you wish your pet to enjoy this additional “playtime” service (a nominal fee will be added to your pet’s boarding charge), merely inform a member of our staff when you make your boarding reservation or when you drop your pet off. Many clients enjoy calling us during vacations and their out of town trips. Please, feel free to give us a call, and we will be happy to give you an update on how your pet is doing!

Agoura Animal Clinic will provide your pet with appropriate bedding and food and water bowls. If you should choose to leave with us any of your pet’s own bedding or toys from home, please make certain that it is obviously labeled or easily identifiable so as to reduce the possibility of accidental misplacement. The doctors of Agoura Animal Clinic reserve the right to remove any toys or bedding items from your pet if they feel that there is any health risk by having these items remain with your pet during their boarding stay.

Finally, our basic boarding fees are determined by the size of your pet and the length of their stay with us. A receptionist will be happy to give you an estimate prior to your pet’s stay.

Please call us, in advance, for reservations (especially at holiday times) to ensure that there will be an available space for your pet to board with us!

For reservations: (818) 991-1036

Dog & Cat Boarding Requirements