Help your pet look and feel great.

Our Bathing services are currently unavailable. Please check back in the near future.

At Agoura Animal Clinic, we routinely use the Hydrosurge® Animal Bathing System for our standard dog and cat baths. This unique bathing method produces a vigorous, penetrating, combing action spray of shampoo and water through a hand-held sprayer. The bathing solution easily penetrates through the hair and down to the skin to flush away dirt, debris, loose hair, dead skin and/or dander for the healthiest skin possible. Your pet will love the massage-like invigorating sensation!

Since Southern California is plagued by a “year round” flea season, we will ordinarily use a medicated, flea killing shampoo for your pet’s bath. If, however, your pet has a skin condition for which our doctors suggest a particular medicated shampoo other than our routine flea product, we will use that recommended product instead.

Included With Every Bath:
Nails are trimmed whenever pets are bathed at Agoura Animal Clinic unless you specifically advise us differently. Additionally, each dog bathed at Agoura Animal Clinic will have their anal glands evaluated and expressed if necessary by one of our trained veterinary technicians/assistants.

*Our basic bathing fees are determined by the size of your pet and the length of their hair coat. 

Additional Grooming Services

Cream Rinse / Conditioner

A cream rinse contains emollients for moisturizing and protein for conditioning your pet’s skin to aid in the control of flaking and scaling, and ultimately, making your pet’s coat softer and shinier. For a small additional charge, a cream rinse will be applied to your pet’s coat after shampooing. A cream rinse application is always recommended as part of your pet’s routine bathing experience, unless their coat specifically dictates that a cream rinse application would not be indicated i.e. if your pet’s hair coat is oily or greasy. 

Dematting, “Stripping”, Trimming, Brushing

If your pet’s hair coat requires special care to remove either excessive loose hair, unwanted mats that have formed, or if you would like us to completely shave your pet’s hair coat down to a specific length, let us know. We can provide this service to you at an additional cost based upon an hourly rate. We are not a full-service grooming salon, and we recommend using a licensed groomer for special haircuts for your pets.

Flea Control

The ideal flea control program utilizes products that target the various stages of the flea life cycle. We will initiate this procedure by using a flea-killing shampoo for your pet’s bath, and at check-out, our receptionists will assist you in choosing the most appropriate follow-up flea control products. Don’t forget, ALL of the animals in your household should be treated for fleas even if not all of the animals are showing symptoms of having fleas.


All dogs who are going to be bathed at Agoura Animal Clinic must be current on their Rabies, DHPP, and Bordatella/IntraTrac vaccinations, and our feline patients must be current on their Rabies and FVRCP vaccines. This is to insure the health of both your pet and the other boarded or hospitalized patients.

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